Retail Cleaning

Temporary Workers


To ensure that every day tasks are being taken care of properly in the building, it is necessary that the new replacement worker is experienced and knows his/her job.


Aetna specializes in filling in for both:

  •  Superintendents and
  •  Cleaners





They can easily assimilate with the existing crew or can work independently taking all the responsibilities and duties of the absent employee/s.


Call Aetna if your building is unionized or you have your own in-house staff and need another extra cleaner or just your current cleaning vendor’s cleaners are not available.


You can always count on Aetna for a reliable and professional job!


We have Stand-By workers that are ready to fulfill all your needs.



The time requested for temporary workers can be for:

- a week

-  weekends only

-  few weeks

- a month or longer

The minimum order for a replacement worker is 4 hours a day.




To request a cleaning service proposal or additional information, please contact us today by calling 416.745.6277

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