Post Construction Cleanup

Post Construction Clean Up


Experience is everything when it comes to selecting a construction cleanup company. A host of federal and provincial laws regulate construction sites whenever a crew start working - including specific laws regarding cleanliness of the area to ensure the safety of the crews.



By hiring a commercial cleaning business, the builder can ensure that the area is left according to code. There are several aspects that must be considered to ensure that post construction cleaning services are performed according to standard; there are both residential and commercial construction applications and both have specific clean up needs. Those hiring a commercial building cleaning service, must ensure they select a company with expertise, and experience in cleaning the specific area. We have the experience and skill to follow through with any post construction clean up.


Our cost-effective post construction clean-up services include:

  • Flooring: auto-washed, sealed, waxed and scrubbed
  • Carpeting: hot water extraction cleaned, pile lifting and bonnet surface cleaning
  • Walls, ceilings and doors: cleaned of dust, marks and scuffs
  • Windows thoroughly cleaned
  • Hallways, Washrooms and common areas: high-traffic areas cleaned and prepared for opening
  • Offices: Ready for move-in day
  • Parking lots and garages: auto sweeping and power washing



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